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    Hey everyone, here's the latest news on Attack of the Dead. We've added a bunch of weapons to the game and I've gone through and reprogrammed how the weapons interact with the player/inventory in code to make things easier for future weapons to be created as we create more content. I may have mentioned this in a past post - but from a coding perspective, ideally I like to make things modular so they can be reused in the future to save time and keep things clean. And with that said, we now have a bunch of really awesome weapons from miniguns, miniak, pistols, laser guns and more!

    With all these weapons, some of them are great to clobber waves of zombies while others provide more utility for other tasks - i.e. gravity gun to move things. Overall, they're a lot of fun in blowing the crap out of waves of zombies and turning the incoming swarm of foes into a blood bath.

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    Just in case you haven't noticed, our website allows you to sign in with your Google, Twitter, or FB account to save you time and so you don't have to create another password. This will allow you to choose a username but allow you to quickly sign in if you're already logged into your fb/gmail/or twitter. :) Feel free to try it out and leave a comment! :)

    Dev ASMR Videos:

    On another note, I've been making some ASMR episodes as I work. If you haven't heard of ASMR, it is becoming quite popular for relaxation. Essentially your Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is that feeling you have when someone does something that relaxes you. Perhaps you've felt this when someone has whispered in your ear and it gave you goosebumps or tingles. And with that said, for me personally, I sometimes like to listen to ASMR while I work to remain relaxed. Even more, I've been making some ASMR videos while I work on Attack of the Dead - which I'm happy to share with you. So for anyone interested in Attack of the Dead + ASMR, feel free to check them out!

    And finally, I believe Alex will be making a post in the next week or so about some of the amazing work he's been doing in creating a few more levels! Thanks everyone for reading and stay tuned for more!
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