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    One of the main components to Attack of the Dead is it's trap system. We will have plenty of options and are constantly coming up with all sorts of new ways to destroy the undead.

    Part of the challenge for the player will be making interesting combinations of traps. Players will need to utilize what they think will aid them during combat either by assisting with damage or diverting the enemies path.

    Eventually traps will only go so far, so we have also implemented unique environmental hazards to aid in the destruction of the undead.


    We will try and make many of these as unique as possible but will most likely reuse which ever fits the design of the current level.

    Some ideas include:

    - Railway crossing
    - Airstrikes
    - Electrified power lines
    - Bandits (npcs)

    One last thing, as a player you should probably watch out for these environmental hazards as well...

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    Can't wait!
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