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    The world has ended and the dead have risen - you must now survive in this new hostile landscape by collecting deadly weapons and building the perfect death traps. Will you live to fight another day? Or will you fall to the attack of the dead? It is up to you to save yourself from the relentless risen dead who would love to tear you to shreds!

    Attack of the Dead will be an energetic and fun re-playable single and multiplayer desktop game where you fight to defeat the attacking dead in a hybrid defence game.

    We are creating highly customizable characters who you will play as through a unique and fun array of levels and scenarios. Moreover, using a deadly arsenal of weapons and traps, expect to blow the crap out of the dead as you spread their guts and gibs everywhere.

    To celebrate the launch of our website, we’ve created some fun avatars for anyone who wishes to sign up and join our community!

    And finally, a bit about us - we’re two Canadian devs - one artist and one programmer. We both have a strong passion and love for creating games that are fun and spectacular. We hope you will enjoy the project and we would love for you to be a part of our community as we develop Attack of the Dead. You can expect us to share updates, news, and teasers semi-frequently while we create a game that we hope you all will play and enjoy.
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